2: Rate of adoption

Developers also face new challenges in this area which are not adequately solved by existing platforms. As each game can now be viewed as its own virtual country, with assets and a currency, developers need to rapidly broaden their skillset.

Studios have to face the new challenges of tokenomics, liquidity provision and token listing, and developing utility-driven NFT trading hubs. Current solutions often come in the form of launchpads, few of which offer a compelling value proposition for either the users or the studios. Most of these solutions fail to help through the entire lifecycle of a game, instead looking only to profit from the initial game listing.

Additionally, launchpads often tend to trade promotion and modest fundraising for an army of disappointed prospective investors who may have missed the whitelist, the brief execution window, or the low-probability lottery ticket.

We believe developers need a new model of enabling game asset transactions without having to sacrifice development capital. Moreover, they need to sustainably capture user attention with scale-able acquisition costs, a solution not currently provided.

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