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Official VersaGames Whitepaper, last updated 25th March 2022.


VersaGames is the next generation games marketplace.

NFT Gaming is set to grow exponentially as users embrace the new play to earn paradigm and game studios rush to fill the demand. However, the ecosystem is young, fragmented, and underserved across almost every segment - from gamers, to developers, to investors. VersaGames brings together proven and new concepts to unite the NFT Gaming ecosystem and dramatically improve the experience of every participant in this area. We offer a web3 storefront with liquidity staking to start, and will quickly integrate NFT trading and financing into the platform. By combining these offerings and empowering our community to grow with VersaGames, we are creating a unique powerhouse in this growing ecosystem that attracts gamers, investors and developers.
The purpose of this paper is to explain which pain points we have identified in NFT gaming and how VersaGames solved these issues. We explore our new framework for a web3 community driven storefront and how VersaGames will reward content creators and enablers on our platform.
We additionally explain our growth vision and how the various components of our business interact to re-enforce each other. Finally, we describe the integration of Defi innovations into our storefront model and our Versa tokenomics. We hope to inspire gamers, developers and investors to join us in building the Appstore of web3.0.
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