For the Investors

What VersaGames can provide for Developers, Gamers and Investors

NFT Gaming, DeFi, and the DAO framework have led to a blurring of traditional lines between users and investors as each gamer, or indeed each user, of the web3 economy becomes a stakeholder through asset ownership and decentralized voting mechanisms.

In addition to our strong offering for gamers and developers, VersaGames also provides compelling value to those wishing to only provide capital to NFT gaming.

Leveraging our treasury behind the storefront, we offer an exceptional opportunity for investors seeking NFT gaming exposure. By contributing capital to specific game pairs on our staking platform, investors can gain strong incentives from partner studios in the form of targeted game token emissions.

Additionally, holders of $VERSA tokens will benefit from the project’s low and selective emission schedules and will gain exposure to a well-diversified treasury. Please see later sections of this whitepaper for more in-depth descriptions of the $VERSA token.

Finally, as we evolve our focus on the NFT component of gaming, we will be able to reward our VersaGame NFT holders with membership benefits such as airdrops from partner projects.

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