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What VersaGames can provide for Developers, Gamers and Investors

Phase1: Storefront + staking

Modern gaming storefronts have had well over a decade to adjust to customer behaviors and needs. Steam an Epic have developed smooth apps with great game information and direct purchase capabilities as well as pre-ordering.
For mobile the App store is the benchmark of a well-run business, with good categorization, selected promotional content, and once again, a clear purchase avenue. VergaGames storefront will embody the user experience from the web 2.0 projects above. On entering the frontpage, gamers will see gaming projects with gameplay trailers and screenshots as well as the shared metadata important for any crypto project.
Entering any game page will allow users to experience more detailed reviews and other content shared by either our content team or with permission from the community. These include gameplay, strategies, warnings, and project lifecycles.
While it’s reasonable for us to generate the bulk of content at the outset, as the project gains pace, we expect game studios to increasingly provide more of the initial information and engaged community experts to share their views in exchange for promotions or incentives.

Interested users will then seamlessly be able to enter the appropriate trading venue to acquire game tokens.

This integrated trading is key in facilitating greater adoption and ensuring that gamers both find the correct token corresponding to the game, sidestepping scams and mistakes, and also avoid the frustration of scouring the net for a listing.
As we grow our liquidity pools and developer partnerships, we will be able to offer more tokens for trading and deeper liquidity for larger transactions. For tokens where it doesn’t make sense for us to recreate liquidity, we will simply refer users to the appropriate platform to ensure gamers get the best price possible.

Phase 2: NFT Marketplace integration

Following the release of our storefront and staking platform, we are commencing work on NFT marketplace integration.
Games require a utility-driven marketplace to transact in-game assets; while some existing studios have done this well, smaller projects often lack this capability, forcing gamers to trade on generic platforms with poor liquidity and attribute selection.
As gamers ourselves, we understand the users’ needs and pain points and can expand our platform to improve NFT trading for partner games both by collaborating with existing protocols and by developing in-house offerings where no satisfactory alternatives exist. We see this service as a natural fit to the storefront and liquidity staking offering.