For the Developers

What VersaGames can provide for Developers, Gamers and Investors

Many great developers rely on publishers for their go to market, and often for funding. Traditional publishers, while excellent in their respective areas of gaming, are mostly absent from crypto gaming. This opens an incredible opportunity for new publishers who understand the challenges of this ecosystem and who can offer solutions to the crypto specific issues studios face.

Phase 1: Storefront and Liquidity as a Service (LaaS)

As a crypto-native platform with a strong consumer adoption pipeline via the storefront, we can offer vetted game studios access to an active and passionate user base. Moreover, VersaGames provides solutions to the new problems of token and asset trading. By partnering with leading DEXs and creating liquidity pools of game tokens against our $VERSA token, we can very effectively leverage our treasury capital. This mechanism allows VersaGames to create deep liquidity pools and lets developers commit their hard-earned capital to the development of a quality product rather than toward liquidity provision.

Phase 2: NFT Marketplace integration

As we develop our offering and enter phase 2 of the project, we will expand into NFT trading and minting support. This will further ease the burden on game studios, allowing them to focus on providing quality products and not struggling outside of their core competency.

By enabling better NFT trading, we will also be able to facilitate further adoption of crypto gaming. Having the breadth and facilities to confidently deploy NFT game assets on our platform will allow us to provide greater value added as publishers and to help accelerate game development lifecycles.

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